Isnin, 6 April 2009

kuiz suka2......

ni la kuiz yg aku sesaja join utk isi masa lapang kat facebook......
joke pun ada hehehehe

1. mia just took the Pekerjaan anda yang sepatutnya. quiz and got the result: Model..
Model: Anda perasan andalah yang lawa,cute dan Hensem.Anda sering menelek cermin dan bersiap berjam jam lama utk ke sesuatu tempat.

2. mia just took the What does your birthday mean? quiz and got the result: You're Principled..
You're Principled: You are a natural leader who is able to stand up when no one else can.Strong and powerful, you tend to overshadow those around you.

Your soul reflects: Gratitude, comfort, and true love
Your gemstone: Tourmaline
Your flower: Cosmos
Your colors: White and yellow

3. mia took the What type of shoe defines you? quiz and the result is You are defined by Stripper Heels
You like to tease and intise your viewers, you like to be the center of attention and will use your overt sexuality to make sure that happens. You don't care whether men or woman watch you as long as all eyes are on you. It's your show and it's always your 15 minutes of fame!

4. mia just took the Personaliti Politik Malaysia quiz and got the result: Anda adalah pejuang tradisi..
Anda adalah pejuang tradisi: Anda tidak boleh melihat kekejaman dan kezaliman terutama melibatkan anak dara,anda akan mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap kemungkaran di depan anda....AWAS.....LEBEMB BIJIK MATA......anda tabah menghadapi COBAAN.....kelemahan anda ialah anda berfikiran kolot dan masih mengamalkan jampi serapah dan anda lebih rela bersilat menghadapi musuh yang bersenjata......HAI MAMBANG TANAH,MAMBANG API,MAMBANG AIR,MAMBANG DATANG DARI GUNUNG SI MAMBANG,BERDAMPING DIKAU DENGAN KU WAHAI SI MAMBANG......COBAAN........

5. mia just took the "How is your life?" quiz and the result is You live for love..
Your life is based on wanting to experience love or loving someone. You live to love and love to live. You have your worst of times and you have your best.. you sit and wait for that someone to complete you.

6. mia completed the quiz "What should your major be?" with the result Business.
You are very practical and place a priority on making at least a decent living, if not becoming extremely wealthy. You enjoy group projects and telling other people what to do. You're good with computers and don't mind spending hours upon hours in a cubicle on your summer internship, but at 5 pm you are out and off to party hard. You are excellent at making connections and people are impressed by your smooth tact, not to mention how you look in a suit. You have lots of innovative ideas and are a natural salesperson

7. mia took the karakter dalam upin ipin?? quiz and the result is ehsan
berperangai ala2 bossy siket.. suke nak lead orang.. kalau join game nak jadik juri je... ish3.. exercise sikit ye...

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