Khamis, 19 Februari 2009

Kena tag dr zieha

What is the relationship of you and him?
Him? no one at the moment.
But I can refer to my siblings, family, nephew : Very close

Your 5 impressions towards him (family 'sight!')...
1. Handsome (that is my family ha3)
2. Independant
3. Matured
4. Responsible
5. The most important things is they love our mum

The most memorable things he (or they he3) had done for you...

The most memorable things he have said to you?
Nothing, they talk and communicate well with me

If he becomes your enemy, you will...
dare to do it?

If he becomes your enemy, the reason
no idea.........

The most desirable thing to do on him is
i'll be a good sister

How do you think the people around you will feel about you
adaptable, caring

The character of you for yourself is
sensitive, concern bla bla

The character you hate of yourself is
be glad for what i am, thank to god

The most ideal person that you want to be is
no one in mind

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i want to forward to my friend but i'm pretty sure they are bz to answer this he3

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